Toyed with

Reimagining three of Phoebe Judge’s criminal podcasts as books. Inspiration for the designs came from the bewildering hysteria surrounded the serious events of the stories. The concept of toys posed in non-traditional manners illustrates the common theme of deception in the stories.


piecing the puzzle

Create covers to not only attract readers but also provide a sense of satisfaction in putting the stories and the covers together upon finishing reading.


curiosity kills

Cohesive covers of miscellaneous toys pictured in somewhat uncomforting manners that should evoke interest in the stories.


I wanted to magnify the romance scam aspect of "Gil From London". I chose the donkey for its cheeky nature and also a symbol of a fool. I dressed it in a polo shirt to show a properly dressed figure to reflect both the scammed and the scammer from "London".

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A dangling stuffed bunny is seen on the cover of "Hostage". I am using a bunny for its innocent nature, and it is posed in such manner to duplicate the hostages' puppet-like situation in the event from which the term “Stockholm Syndrome” was coined.

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Stallions are often referred to as the symbol of wild and free. It is a very representative animal for the characters featured in this story. The clear casing the toy is enclosed in reflects the invisible barrier of being forever on the run after escaping prison.

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